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Trade Company Money
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Ideal Online Income
•  Earn ~$200 – ~$1,000+ daily.
•  Trade 1 – 2 hours/day (or more).
•  Trade any hours and any day (Sat).
•  Trade anywhere.  Easily scalable.
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Trade Company Money
•  Up to a $100,000 Company account.
•  Keep 60% – 80% of  funded profits.
•  Keep 100% of private fund profits.
•  Everyone is funded, ~6,000 so far.
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 Trade Winning Indicators
•  Mimic real-time, big money traders.
•  Proprietary – Only for this group.
•  ~20 years of proven success. 
•  ~90% trade winning profitability.
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Expert Coaches / Culture
•  1-on-1 live online training.
•  Show daily live online trades.
•  Online webinars and video library, …
•  For help – Call, text, email, and chat.
Cryptocurrency Exchange
The following video is a first discussion about the process of using cryptocurrency to deposit and withdraw funds from brokers in today’s day trade environment.
This video discussion is for informational purposes only. Any referenced service providers are for illustrative purposes only, and shall not be considered recommendations.
The Company does not recommend brokers and other participants in the market.
Please watch the video, try a few things, and if you need further clarification, then please call, text, or email.